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Santa Claus Song - Dear father christmas

Ho, ho, ho !

Santa Claus : This is Father Christmas speaking to you from the North Pole.
I’m gonna give you some useful advice ;
If you want me to bring you lots of presents this year,
Then listen carefully to my Christmas song :

You must remember to say thank you
And tidy up your room too
Always do what your mummy says
When it’s time to go to bed.

We’ll remember to say thank you (Thank you)
And tidy up our rooms too ( Spick and span)
We’ll do what our mummy says ( Yes mum )
When it’s time to go to bed. (Good night!)

Dear father Christmas, dear father Christmas,
Thank you very much for your advice.
Dear father Christmas, Dear father Christmas,
We will be good and nice.

Ho, ho, ho! That’s not all kids!
There’s more to follow… Listen carefully:

Wash your hands and brush your teeth,
And say the magic word “please”.
Don’t answer back to your dad and Mum
Be nice to your friends or you’ll have none.

Wash our hands and brush our teeth, (Every day)
And say the magic word “please”. (And thank you)
We won’t answer back to Daddy and Mummy. (Never, never)
And be nice to our friends (Let’s play)
See you soon Father Christmas

Santa Claus Song (Anglais)
chanson, noel, anglais, comptine, enfant, père, petit,
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