Potty Song - Nursery Rhymes

La version française est disponible ici : Apprendre la propreté en chanson

I go on my potty now
Waouw, waouw, waouw, waouw.
I use paper to wipe my bot,
Well done, well done, lot’s of fun!
Empty potty in the loo
You to, you to, you to, you to
And flush it all away…. Ssssh sssssh

I’m going to tell mummy:
Want to sit on my potty
Now when I do a wee wee
I find it very funny.


Before I was a baby
And babies need a nappy.
But now that I am bigger
No need for all that bother.


When mummy says potty time
I am cool and I feel fine
To live without my nappy
Mummy and daddy help me

Potty Song
comptine, anglaise, enfant, apprendre, propreté,

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